Our mission is to reach out to families and disabled, disadvantaged, or at risk youths with the goal of inspiring, educating and enriching their lives by providing insight and appreciation for music, art, history, literacy and life during the era known as the Renaissance.

Our Mission and Vision – The Quest

Our main focus is to reach out to families and disadvantaged or at risk youth (Ages 6 -18), particularly those without families in foster care or those in the juvenile court system, with the purpose of mentoring and influencing them with positive role models.  We will work with the local school systems, churches and social services to target this audience and get them involved with mentors who with the code of chivalry from the Renaissance time period will encourage the development of positive self image and self discipline while building confidence and character.

We propose, through the medium of  a fun filled, highly entertaining learning experience, called a Renaissance Fantasy Faire to actively engage participants in the development of Literacy and an appreciation for Nature, History, Olde World craftsmanship, Music and Art (in all of it’s many forms of expression).  Renaissance Faires started as an enjoyable way to educate and we are dedicated to bringing that atmosphere to the Door County Renaissance Fantasy Faire.

Development of this not for profit event will (while retaining much of its natural beauty), transform approximately 20 acres of privately owned farm land in central Door County, WI into an exciting, family friendly opportunity for “edutainment”.   The event will allow participants to gain insight and appreciation into the era known as the Renaissance with live interactive demonstrations presented in an entertaining way designed with the purpose of helping youth retain what they have learned.

Our goal is to bring not only knowledge, but joy and deep levels of engagement as we celebrate nature, art, history, literacy and life!  We believe the new Door County, WI Renaissance Fantasy Faire will inspire, educate and enrich the lives of our youth, local residents, tourists and visitors alike.

In addition to this main event, we expect to work with the school systems to encourage students to learn about this time period throughout the year by providing educational programs and materials with funding raised from the Renaissance Faire.

Our Goals

(not necessarily in the order of importance)

  • Make history an interactive learning experience for young and old alike, bringing history to life and celebrating the European Renaissance (the beginning of the age of exploration, the explosion of the arts and world wide literacy)
  • Provide a venue for actors, artisans, musicians, crafts people & vendors to showcase their talents and wares in live, interactive demonstrations and hands on experiences for attendees.  Demonstrations will range from blacksmithing, pewter work, glass blowing, leather crafting, spinning & weaving, to games, weaponry, dress, acting and music of the period.  Knights will teach young “squires” animal husbandry and the secrets of knighthood.  Young girls will learn the arts of graceful curtsies and teatime service to become “ladies in waiting” in the Queen‘s Royal Court.
  • Create opportunities for community involvement – especially for the youth
  • Bring revenue to the community through faire-goers and participants who will frequent local businesses during the  faire (hotels, restaurants, stores, site-seeing, etc.)
  • Provide a venue for various other non-profit 501C3 organizations to raise funds and/or awareness for their group within the event as food/drink vendors, entertainers, etc..
  • Oh yes, (last but not least) Entertainment!


The host farm will also have on display a demonstration of the “New Renaissance” (the Green Movement toward more energy efficiency and clean sources of fuels).  In the fall of 2009, they had a Solar energy power source constructed which is designed to meet the needs of the entire farm with energy to spare which will in turn be sold back to the power companies as a source of  “green fuel“.

With plenty of room to expand in the future, we expect to add a contrasting area showing the difference between the European Renaissance and that same time period in this area.  We will provide live demonstrations and interactive learning experiences showing the history of the Door County region when the populace here was tribes of Native American peoples and they were still in the more primitive hunter/gatherer stages of development.

We are deeply grateful for the generosity of all the fyne Lords and faire Ladies who are willing to join us in this adventure and become part of this, our stage.  Thank you in advance for your most kind support.

We Seek Charitable Organizations

We are also looking for charitable organizations who would like to participate within the Renaissance Faire as food/drink vendors or possibly to raise funds in other ways for your organization.  There will be NO FEE to set up but all products/services must be approved by the faire organization committee in advance.  All profits made by your group will remain yours.

We Seek Volunteers

Don’t just watch this piece of history – relive it with us!  Were you born 700-800 years too late? Have you dreamed of being a Lord or Lady in a bygone era?  Do you just want to join in the merriment and have the time of your life? Please consider becoming a part of this unique experience.

The Door County Renaissance Fantasy Faire will be set up and staffed mainly by volunteers so that a large portion of the profits may be donated to local charities.  If you would like to be part of this event, contact us to volunteer.

If you are experienced with this type of event, have musical talent or stage experience, construction,  sales and marketing, sewing or language skills, or just wish to help in any way, please contact us!  Strap on your sword or your hammer, lace up your bodice or your boots, and come join us!  Experience is not necessary since many jobs simply require willing people.  Many hands make light work! Use the contact page to tell us how you would like to take part in this adventure.

We Seek Sponsors And Donations

If you catch the vision with us, we would be honored if  individuals or companies would join us in our endeavor to bring this event to Door County.  In order for this faire to be feasible and a significant fundraiser, we need your support!  Become a Friend of the Faire!

Perhaps you don’t have a lot of extra cash to spare at this time but every little bit helps, and if not money, there may be other things you would be willing to donate or loan. Besides dollars, we could use:

  • Old or unused  (but in good shape) building materials
  • Period clothing or materials that could be used to make clothing – Fabrics such as cotton, muslin, silks, satins, brocades and velvets, leather and “pleather”
  • Old costume jewelry (cut glass) and/or other props from this time period
  • Power Generators (if they are pretty quiet) to be on loan for the event
  • Time, Energy, Talent

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